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SIKA Waterproofing Warranty

Connecticut Gutter LLC backs all Sika liquid plastic roof applications with a 10 year “no leak” guarantee. A 20 year manufacturer’s warranty is available for an additional fee of 15% of the sale price, at the time of sale only. The “no leak” warranty covers any flaws or leaks due to Connecticut Gutter LLC’s application of:

This warranty DOES NOT cover:

Warranty issues must be submitted in writing along with a full copy of initial executing contract articles

General Information about all Warranties

What does this warranty cover?

This warranty protects you in the case of any natural defects in the materials we use or failure of those materials. An example of a natural defect would be if the baked enamel paint peels or flakes away. Failure refers to pitting or rotting of the aluminum or rusting of the hardware used. This also refers to the gutter system coming away from the house. This Warranty only covers problems that are intrinsic to the materials we use, or to the steps we take to install the system.

What does this warranty not cover?

This warranty does not cover anything considered an “Act of God”. An “Act of God” is so extraordinary and devoid of human agency that reasonable care would not avoid the consequences. Damages caused by tornadoes, perils of the sea, extraordinary floods, fallen trees and severe ice storms are usually considered “Acts of God”. As well, this warranty does not cover damages inflicted on the gutter system or leafless solution by an individual(s) or pets. For instance, if someone rests a ladder on the gutter and subsequently dents or damages the gutter, Connecticut Gutter, LLC will not be held responsible to repair/replace. Another example would be tying a pet to a leader pipe, and having that pet dent or pull that pipe off the house. Additionally, Connecticut Gutter LLC is not responsible for your existing roof system, and particularly, whether that system lacks or has an inferior drip edge. Connecticut Gutter LLC may suggest they retrofit a drip edge for you, at an additional cost and possibly as a second phase, but in no way is a drip edge considered part of a gutter system install unless as expressly written as a line item in your original project contract.

What is the period of coverage?

The length of the warranty depends on your chosen system. Read the .pdf warranties included on this page, specific to your system. Your original executed contract and proof of purchase must be presented in order to take advantage of any warranty.

What will we do to correct problems?

Connecticut Gutter, LLC will take all prudent steps to correct any and all problems you may be experiencing with your Connecticut Gutter, LLC gutter system. This may or may not include replacing gutter or leader with new parts or repairing the faulty component(s). All labor and material costs will be incurred by Connecticut Gutter, LLC and Connecticut Gutter, LLC reserves the right to make the corrective choices to remediate the warranty issues. Connecticut Gutter, LLC promises to address any issue protected by warranty in a reasonable and timely manner, and in coordination with our business schedule at the time of your warranty inquiry.

What will we not do?

Connecticut Gutter, LLC will not be responsible for any peripheral needs or issues related to standard maintenance of the gutter system. This includes leaf build-up or clogging, cleaning dirty gutters, issues with your drainage or dry-well system, etc. As well, we will not replace a component of the system if it is not faulty while replacing something that is faulty and under warranty. Connecticut Gutter, LLC is also not responsible for another person or contractors’ work on the gutter system following our install. This includes but is not limited to a roofer changing the pitch or material of the roof, the overhang of the shingle or any aspect of the roof as it related to the gutter system at the time of our original install.

How do you get service?

Getting service is simple.

Connecticut Gutter, LLC

P.O. Box 554

Riverside, CT 06878

What must you do to keep the warranty in effect?

To keep this warranty in effect, you must possess your Connecticut Gutter receipt or completion paperwork from the initial install. As well, you must be certain that no one other than Connecticut Gutter, LLC has touched or worked on your gutter system.

Notice, inspection, remedies, and conditions

Should the homeowner(s) believe that the materials provided by Connecticut Gutter, LLC contain manufacturing defects, they shall present their claim in writing, within two weeks of the time the defect is discovered, to the following address:

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