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Town Hall, Darien, CTLocated on the scenic Connecticut shoreline between Norwalk and Stamford is the affluent town of Darien. A small community on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast”, Darien is known for high end homes that owners take great pride in. If you’re fortunate enough to own a home or commercial building in Darien make sure you keep it in great shape by hiring the experienced team at CT Gutter to install, repair and maintain your gutter systems. From sturdy aluminum gutters to decorative and durable copper gutters we have the experience and skill to keep your home or office gutters working at optimum levels to prevent rain and snow from accumulating on your roof.

All it takes is a few leaves and some stems to cause a gutter to clog and when this happens rain will easily back up and start spilling over the top of the gutter channels. When water sits too long in a gutter it can easily cause gutters to sag, leak and rust. Also, backed up water will rise and start to warp roof shingles. To avoid this problem contact CT Gutter to schedule regular cleanings that will keep your residential or commercial gutters free from debris. We recommend bi-annual cleanings at the end of autumn and the end of spring to ensure your gutters are free of dead leaves and pollen so your gutter channels and downspouts can work effectively to divert rain water from your roof.

High School, Darien, CTIn addition to providing high quality gutter services for residential homes we also install, repair and clean gutters on commercial buildings. From small offices to large warehouses we have experience working on all kinds of commercial gutter systems and can help keep your building safe when foul weather arrives. Beyond gutters we also offer a wide range of home and commercial building exterior services including metal flashing, replacement windows and doors, roofing, siding and emergency snow and ice removal. Contact CT Gutter today to get started on home and office improvements that will keep your building safe.


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